Blade Warden

Blue Protocol: Blade Warden
Blue Protocol Clase Aegis Fighter

Blade Warden

Combat Type: Close-range

Blade Warden is a classic Tank class, with heavy armor, sword and shield. With his sword and shield he is the front line in battle, attracts the attention of his enemies and covers himself with his powerful shield.

Blade Warden has a special Shield gauge, which will allow you to block enemy attacks with the shield. When blocking hits, it consumes Shield, and recovers if you don’t block. When the Shield gauge is fully consumed, the shield is broken and you will not be able to block or use shield abilities for a few seconds.

Depending on the build, it is capable of causing some damage, it is not a class dedicated only to defense.

  • Attack 158
  • Critical Chance 5%
  • Critical Damage 36%
  • Defense Power 68
  • Recovery Power 62
  • Strength: 60%
  • Spirit: 45%
  • Agility: 50%
  • Resistance: 65%
  • Intelligence: 45%

Skills: Blade Warden

Shield Guard: (Left Click)

Blocks damage until resistance reaches “0”. You can enable the “Counter” mode by right clicking while holding the shield up.

Break’s Crush (Right Click)

Chain attack, the 4th hit generates additional damage and activates a damage reduction buff on the enemy.


Passive ability that regenerates HP continuously.

Shield Charge

Charges forward with the shield. Stuns hit enemies and blocks incoming damage for the duration of the animation.

Sunrise Charge

Charges forward with the shield. If it hits the target, it creates an explosion of light.

Blow Beat

Attacks surrounding enemies in a wide range. Provokes hit enemies, increasing the probability of being targeted by their attacks.

Celeste Pillar

Creates pillars of light around him that cause continuous light damage to enemies within range.

Divine Slash

Creates a wind blade that penetrates your enemies. Can be used twice in a row at level 2 and three times at level 3.

Crescent Light

Performs a forward light slash. Can be used twice in a row at level 2 and three times at level 3.


Applies the Shield Up buff, which causes the Shield Gauge (the shield resistance indicator) not to be consumed when blocking.

Ultimate: Judgment Shield

A wide area attack that generates a shockwave and makes the hitter tremble. It also regenerates endurance when activated.

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